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L1 Mantra Biometric Devices

L1 Mantra Biometric Devices Reviews, Cost, Work Process and Features

L1 Mantra Biometric Devices MFS110

  • Version : L1

  • User Rating : 3+

  • Author : Mantra

  • License :- Paid

L1 Mantra Biometric Devices You’re referring to is likely the Mantra MFS110, which is an L1 Fingerprint Scanner. This device is built on optical fingerprint sensor technology, ensuring error-free scanning with high security and durability. it is designed for a variety of biometric-based identification applications, such as law enforcement, IT security, border administration and national ID programs.

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It’s highly securer device that performs crypto operations with secure memory and precise biometric matching, making it suitable for ID verification and IT security. If you’re intersted in this devics for your biometric identification needs, it’s recommended to get in touch with the manufacturer for more details or to place a bulk order.

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L1 Mantra Biometric Devices

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Security Features of L1 Mantra Biometric Devices

The Mantra Devices MFS110 L1 biometric fingerprint scanner is equipped with several key security features designed to ensure secure and reliable identification and authentication processes. Here are the main security features of the device

Hardware-based RSA2048 Key Generation :- This feature provides a high level of encryption for secure date transfer, ensuring that biometric data remains protected.

AES-GCM-256 Encryption : Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) with Galois/Counter Mode (GCM) using a 256-bit key size offers robust encryption and authentication, safeguarding the data intergrity.

SHA-256 Hashing : Secure Hash Algorithm 256-bit is used for secure data hashing, making it virtually impossible to reverse-engineer the original data.

True Random Number Generator (TRNG) : Enhances security by generating unpredictable random numbers used in cryptographic operations.

Secure Memory (TEE support) Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) provides an isolated execution space for sensitive operations, protecting against software attacks.

Secure Boot : Ensures that the device boots using only trusted firmware, preventing unauthorized firmware from compromising the device’s security.

FBI PIV-071006 compliance : The scanner meets the FBI’s Personal Identity Verification (PIV) image quality specifications, which is a testament to its reliability and security standards.

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Advanced key features of the Mantra MFS110

  • Fingerprint Sensor Type : Optical
  • Spatial Resolution : 500 DPI+/-2%
  • Platen Area : 14.0 mm x 17.0 mm
  • Image Size : 276 x 336 pixels
  • Image Grayscale : 256 (8-bit gray level)
  • Light Source : Red LED
  • Weight : approx. 0.140 kg
  • Capture Mode : Auto capture with built-in quality check
  • Security Features : Hardware-based RSA2048 key Generation, AES-GCM-256, SHA-256, TRNG support
  • Secure Boot : Supported by the device
  • Operating System compatibility : Windows 10 and above or Android 7 and above
  • IP Rating : IP54, indicating protection from dust and splashing water
  • Certifications :FBI PIV-071006 compliant fingerprint scanner

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Price of L1 Mantra Biometric Device

Prices of L1 Mantra Biometric Device MFS110 varies depending on the seller and location.On Mantra’s Official the product details are listed, but the price is not mentioned directly. On Amazon India, the mantra mfs 110 L1 biometric scanner is Click Here with Offer Discount

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